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Re: How low is High?

Roland Karlsson wrote:

StillHaveMyDiana wrote:

What percentage of DP Reviews have been Highly Recommended in the past year? (including "just", "barely", "some of us think" and "sort of").

Thats easy to check. Just go to "Review - By rating ..."

During 2009 we have
Highly Recommended: 16
Recommended: 5
Above average: 1

So ...

So out of 22 cameras reviewed this year, 6 got lower ratings and the G11 (being the only one of the Highly Recommended cameras that "Just" made that group) was bested by 15. This puts the G11 in the bottom third of cameras reviewed this year going by DPReview's final, pithy pronouncements. That the G11's rating isn't quite up to the "Highly Recommended" earned by Nikon's lukewarm D3000 and Fuji's quirky F200EXR is a bit odd and perhaps inconsistent. Somehow, the F200's final conclusion :

While it's not the breakthrough camera we hoped it might be, we have to award Fujifilm full marks for cleverness (and hope it is able to develop this technology even further). The F200 EXR is not earth-shattering, but it's at least as good as its peers and occasionally better.

isn't what you'd expect from a "Highly Recommended" camera. Left out is that the F200 is also occasionally worse than its peers. For the novice that has no desire to learn the ins and outs of photography, the lack of Shutter Priority shooting mode and live and playback histograms may seem excusable, but not in a camera that was so highly anticipated and that could have been so much more, and in some respects (as mentioned in the review) doesn't match the high ISO performance and good battery life of the F31fd that preceded it by several years.

One other questionable part of the review came when Richard Butler wrote about the small thumbnail displays of the F200 and G11 :

Then there's a nine-image grid, followed by a 100 thumbnail display which is often very pretty and colorful but not terrifically practical, due to the moderate resolution of the screen.


There are four levels of thumbnail view for navigating around your images. They range from 2x2... ...to 3x3, 6x6 and this, 10x10. This most dense option makes the thumbnails unhelpfully small.


"unhelpfully small" if he thinks that the tiny thumbnails are used to see details or judge images, but here his thinking stayed within the box. Tiny thumbnails can be helpful and even "terrifically practical" when trying to quickly find a block of similar photos. It's not uncommon for me to shoot 600 or more shots on some days. If I want to quickly locate a block of about 30 pictures taken near a lake, I can get to them more quickly (and still easily recognize them when I get there) if I only have to scroll up 3 or 4 pages of tiny thumbnails than if larger thumbnails require that I scroll up through 9 to 15 pages (6x6) or 33 to 44 pages (3x3). When all is said and done, these minor blips don't invalidate otherwise good reviews, but the "Highly Recommended (just)" rating shows that not only cameras, but sometimes good reviews also deserve a "(just)" if they're both described with a terse rating.

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