would you buy a used F30?

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Re: Bought, but I remain not 100% sold ..


ericBlair wrote:
thanks, it's home-made - details and more pics in this thread:


my f31 is getting long in the tooth and i've nearly lost it on a couple of occasions due to misadventures, eg.


so i'm vaguely looking around for an upgrade candidate portable digicam. my brother recently bought an f200 which i'm not completely sold on and the canons and panas are a bit pricey for me. i rarely shoot high iso with my f31 so get good quality and the wide adaptor adds a lot of utility. i also really like and use the video a lot. i expect i'll just keep it running as long as possible and see what emerges then. hard to beat the f31 even now (esp. at low iso) for IQ and performance.

elgibby wrote:

Impressive shot! Tell me about the adaptor: official Fuji or third-party or ??

Your thoughts are just the very same as mine , exept I have the F30 and F200, the F200 just bought , Ive bought the F200 and am not completly sold as well, even a little shy to say honestly I still prefer the F30 output, gulp ..

Ive seen some stunning shots from a few Iconic shooters using the F200 and F70 as well, thats why I wanted the F200 as well as the extra tech it boasts,, , My F30 I think is still my favorite, and its shots have that certain something ,and despite the focal range being more usefull the F200 is not after all the definate upgrade I thought it would be .

I have my opinion and so I am allowed to give just my point of view

I'm still more than happy with my F30 and F31. I keep looking to see what would make me retire them both but to date nothing has, as good as some of the offerings are. I had a weekend loan of a friends LX3 and it's unbelievably good but not really what I call a p&s in the sense that the F30's are nor the price.

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