Converting/editing Canon 5D MKII VIDEO

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Re: Converting/editing Canon 5D MKII VIDEO

....if you are not already running win 7, I can recommend it - Mov files play natively in Media player - no need for Quicktime player (which it is rumoured is not very efficient on PC's).

.....Our PC's are not that dis-similar (mines i7 920 with as of today, 12GB ram & I have two 1Tb HD's in a NAS box mirrored Raid array, two currently 'spare' 1Tb HD's in the desktop & a recently installed 120GB SSD which has just taken over OS & Program duties). The move to Win 7 AND the SSD has really improved things for me.

Up until today I was only running 3gb ram (& I think only 2gb was being recognised by system) - I have yet to try out editing with the recent upgrades (SSD, win7 & 12G ram) but expect to put it to the test over the next fortnight - I anticipate it being a much nicer environment than in the past

I've built my PC bit by bit 'on the cheap' so total is substantially less than the $4000 you quote for yours:-

i7 920 £150 (secondhand on ebay)
Asus P6T deluxe mobo £200 (new from shop, but shoped around)
12gb OCZ DDR3 ram £230
120GB OCZ Vertex Solid state drive £280
win 7 professional £90
rest of system is carry over from old PC

Main additional cost would be teh two 1TB samsung spinpoint harddrives at about £55 each mine comes out to around £1000, plus using some old components like mice, keyboard, case power supply (whch was a very good one 3 or 4 years ago), Dell 24" 2408 monitor (around £300 by shoopping around).

......& this ends up being a pretty high spec PC.

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