Fujifilm S5 with Kenko PRO 300 AF 3x Teleconverter, any thoughts?

Started Dec 11, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Re: Kevin, Bob, Bill, et al

A confused Robert Spencer foolishly/ignorantly/stupidly (you name it) wrote:

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Norman wrote:

"am a bit confused by Bob's comments (and seemingly endorsed by Bill) that the Nikkor 70-300ED cannot be used with a TC."

Norman allow me to clarify the confusion here.
It was bill that said erroniously that it would not mount to your 70-300.

You really should learn how to read (and spell). I never said that. I even specifically stated that it was Nikon's TC that was incompatible and you quoted that. Is reading your problem or comprehension? Then again, your problem may lie elsewhere. I could speculate, but you'd probably then unwisely want to get a bucket of nails.

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