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duber3 wrote:

Thank everybody, I really appreciate all the information you gave me!!

What I didn't like whit my Alpha was the iso, the images was so soft, loose lot of details and the color, I found the color too flat, no punch even if I boosted the saturation to the max

What I liked was the live view, I think this was the fastest live view on the market

I will take the time to read again all post, I make my decision today
I will let you know what I bought

Another question, is the pentax 55-300 is better then the sony 75-300 that came whit the kit, the sony has a lot of PF


As an owner of both cameras, it sounds as though what you are looking for is answered more in the K-x. K20d liveview is not useable, they put it in because everyone else did, but I haven't used it but once or twice. The K-x liveview is quite useable in contrast to the k20, and you have AF (though slower than standard AF) directly with liveview on the Kx (including face detection option) - the Kx liveview at least match or likely exceed your sony a300 experience.

Image quality is pretty comparable between the two Pentax cameras, but the Kx wins in usable high ISO. AF is also faster on the Kx, and better in low light.

You also seemed perplexed by the fact these are going for similar prices - it does come down to the amount of time on the market - k20d will be hitting its' 2nd anniversary early next year, Kx hasn't hit 2 months on the market; K20d was originally a $1300 camera, in line with the current K7.

The 55-300 will be appreciably better than the sony 75-300. The wider starting field of view is actually very useful. Having held both of these lenses (and being an owner of the regular 55-300 version), I would classify the 75-300 as an entry level kit lens, while the 55-300 is mid-level optics in an entry level kit lens shell. Even though the 55-300 DA L version is Pentax's new 'kit version' of this lens, the build quality is still also better than the sony 75-300 as well.

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