K20 or Kx

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Re: You tell us what...

duber3 wrote:

Thank everybody, I really appreciate all the information you gave me!!

What I didn't like whit my Alpha was the iso, the images was so soft, loose lot of details and the color, I found the color too flat, no punch even if I boosted the saturation to the max

If high ISO is what you want get the K-x.

K-x vs K20D is such a hard choice because many things have been improved since the release of the K20D: usable liveview, video, AF speed, fps, high ISO performance.

If you like the Sony liveview, you'll be disappointed by the K20D liveview. It is barely usable (no AF, crude display, blocky magnification).

OTOH, the K20D is build like a tank (compared to the Sony or the K-x), is weatherproof, has a lot of direct controls, a bigger and brighter viewfinder, optional grip, etc.

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