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jamesm007 wrote:

OK IMO for the K20D (for some variety and fun... no bashing).

You know I agree with the basic advice of just get the K-x because... so many reasons. This has to be the hardest choice right now for a first time Pentax buyer, if the K20D is available to you new and at price near the K-x, that's a tough choice but...

Then I remembered one reason I bought the K20D it may be a long time before you can buy a true serious D300 type semi-pro camera for the price of the K20D; rumors were 10 months ago the new Pentax would be smaller I did not want smaller so Feb 09 I bought the K20D. The K20D is very solid feeling in your hands compared to the Sonys below FF, the K-x and many others, and that alone might make the deal. dSLR future is full of K-x's, soon you be able to get better than the K-x and even cheaper. So your future with photography will always have a K-x, but not a K20D type dSLR body (things are changing).

I say get a nice big K20D while you can and buy the awesome battery grip down the road and it will feel like no other camera in your hands, maybe? Use it a few years, you will enjoy it a lot, learn a lot, and really get value for your dollar as this is not an entry level dSLR. It has a lot of features hard core enthusiasts like, rear remote sensor, AF fine tuning, so many other tools for getting the shot, I always use the selectable AF point and its no trouble at all and sometimes a must have and the quciker the better. Durability like a shutter rated for 100,000+ shots

Also the life of the K20D has been extended a bit further by GodronBGood (sensor data scientist) a poster here who made a program to remove corner tint in low light and high ISO (over ISO2200) with the K20D, now if you use that program ISO3200 pics are not a problem in almost any light (they were good before but not in near dark type light). I don't have need for much more ISO than I have with the K20D honestly, although the K-x can shoot ISO6400 or higher its not of good enough quality for nature shooting like birds, you will lose too much detail, so... I also do a lot of landscape shooting and family shots for me and others, for these I never go over ISO400 and have a nice big flash, no need for ISO6400 for me unless it had the IQ of a dSLR at ISO100, nope so...

OK I am going to cheat and show you the pic of my K20D the day I got it, I bought the battery grip as well. Do you know how much it would cost today to get a body and grip this big with full sealing and built tough, that fits like a glove, feels like a tool, feels like you could hurt someone with it, and make the Sony and others (not the K-7 or big boy Nikon's/Canons) feel like a toy. Hey lets be honest they are all capable why not get a superb bargain while you can, the K-x dSLRs will be here in 3 years and at a lower price, no rush there. Can't say the same for the K20D types can you? This is Pentax top dSLR 8 months ago, the K-x has great high ISO but the K20D is a real semi-pro dSLR. Its a very solid choice IMO.

OK the D300 has worse high ISO than the D5000 And lets say the D5000 can AF a bit faster. which would you buy if you could get them for the same price and why?

Now you really need to go hold both and try them in your hands truth be told, which ever you like in your hands and after playing a bit with them is the right one.

I got a deal at my favorite local camera store that was closing and is closed

BTW you win either way and welcome to Pentax SLR forum

Being owned K10D and K-x, I fully agreed with you on this. Go with the K20D if you can. It will outlast the K-x.

K10D,14f2.8,Tamron 18-250,35f2.Panasonic LC1,DMC-L1,Nikon FE2/50f1.4,Olympus C5060.

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