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Re: K20 or Kx

I have the K20, and my room mate has the K-x.

K20 pros: buttons buttons buttons. It is wonderful to have a button to do everything I want. I thought i wouldn't be able to adjust to so many (coming form a K100), but now I can't go back!

Kx pros: light light light, small small small. The video is pretty tight too, although it sucks battery like crazy and I wouldn't use it often. If you don't move much there isn't a jello effect, but i'm sure if you run around then things will quickly change (i'm honetsly not sure there).

K20 cons: I'm a high iso shooter naturally. I don't hesitate to push iso4000+ if it gets me the shot I want. he high iso on the K-x seems cleaner

Kx cons: missing a lot of basic features. No AF point control through the view finder, no weather seal (well i've come to accept it as basic ;)), lack of buttons and need to go through the menus, no TAv mode (I find myself using it a lot as its super nice), no cable release connection (need a remote). It is a relatively sparton camera with video tacked onto it.

Oh, the Kx image editor is pretty fun and interesting...better than the K20 for sure if you are into that

I would keep my K20 over the K7 because features and versatility matter more to me than some noiser shots.

Btw I got my K20 body a few months ago for 550 (actually, 547) NEW! You should have jumped ship a while back. The market for a used one isn't that great as I think the sellers are really demanding too much, but this was back before the K-x was released, so maybe the cheap Kx prices have depressed the K20 values (I was trying to aim for about 450, and everyone was trying to sell me at 550-600)

I'm actually finding the same thing with some lenses Rather than a cheap 18-55 WR kit....everyone is trying to sell them at 115-135 shipped...and they took advantage of the rebates!

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