K20 or Kx

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Re: K20 or Kx

I would go for the kx if i were you. I have the k20d with the focus point indicators, and I find it too big of a hassle to change the focus point while actually shooting. I just always use the center point and then recompose, its much quicker for me. If i ever do set it to a different point i forget the next time and miss a shot opportunity as i try to move it back in time. The only time I can think of where I might use the other focus points in the field is when I have plenty of time to set up the shot and use a tripod, in which case I would probably just manual focus in magnified live view to get to the focus exact. Go with the k20d if you plan to get weather sealed * lenses or want a ton of customization. Get the kx if you like small, light, inconspicuous, with about 1 stop better iso performance (its like making all your lenses one stop faster). If you are coming from a sony, either one is going to feel incredibly well built and solid, and the k20d might be a bit much. Its a pretty sizable camera.

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