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Re: K20 or Kx

duber3 wrote:

Thank for the reply, the video on the KX is just an extra, I will not buy it just for this

the K20 is a little bit more expensive then the Kx, i'm really confuse, both seems really good

K-x - Entry Level, 12 MP, Smaller, Lighter, Better High ISO, Multiple Colors, Video, HDR, AA.

K20 - Mid-range, 14 MP, Better Build, Weatherproof, Heavier, Bigger, Lithimu Ion.

K-x is more suited for casual / amature. But I really don't find anything other than Build, Weatherproofing and AF indicator that makes it any inferior from K20.

If you are not a pro, then K-x is better because I believe it will make photography more fun. But if you are a pro or wannabe pro, then K20 will server you better.

And since you have already owned and returned one camera, you better know what you missed in it and which one out of K-x / K20 fills those gaps.

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