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Re: I'm sick and tired of

Rat Salad wrote:

R Butler wrote:

Except that most ads run in the US and I'm in the UK, so don't see them. There aren't any ads in our editing tools, oddly enough.

Richard - dpreview.com

Oh come on Richard, please don't assume that we're all stupid. It's clear that he didn't mean you SEE the advertising. Whether you see it or not doesn't matter. Whether you're in the UK or on Mars doesn't matter either. You know that advertising, and sales/profit from Amazon pays your salary and the salaries of everyone at DPR. You also know that the loan of cameras and lenses from the camera and lens companies is dependent on a friendly relationship between DPR and those companies.

For you or anyone else at DPR to say that those things don't influence you is disingenuous. You guys pretend that you don't know about advertising, don't see advertising, don't know what kind of deals are made by the DPR marketing/advertising departments, and so on, but that's an act that is impossible to swallow.

Whether you know exactly what goes on at the DPR marketing/advertising department or not, you do know that your paycheck comes from advertising and from sales and profit from Amazon, and that Amazon sells more Canon and Nikon gear than any other brand. It's also safe to assume that Canon and Nikon spend more on advertising since they're the largest companies.

If a woman has a Sugar Daddy who pays her bills and gives her spending money, do you think she's going to say anything to him, or about him publicly that is derogatory? If he's a fat, ugly jerk with bad breath, do you think she's going to bluntly tell him so? Isn't she more likely to not tell him at all or to carefully walk on eggshells if she does tell him?

Do you think it would matter if she knows exactly how much he is worth or where his money comes from? Wouldn't the only thing that matters be whether he keeps on providing for her or not?

A woman with a Sugar Daddy might have other choices, but you guys don't. You are dependent on Amazon, and on the camera and lens companies, and on the advertising from those companies and others. If you don't like what any of them do, you can't go find a whole new batch of camera companies or an Amazon stand-in. To pretend that you're not influenced by that is absurd.

Can you read any more into what the guy wrote? If his review was based on kissing the butt of the camera maker why did he bother to give a clue the "highly recomend" was on the cusp? Using your analogy the gold digger just told the sugar daddy is was a portly, rugged guy with a unique taste when kissed expecting him to take it as a complement!

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