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Re: Tripods....

slik makes some good tripods but you will pay more than 100 for anything worth keeping.

What lens and what use? If you are looking to mount a D100 to D300 with a 50 mm lens to take a landscape or family picture that you are not publishing a less expensive tripod can make do. But once you start using it for real work you will curse the money you spent.



I have had 4 tripods. The first one was given to me by my parents many years ago and they thought they spent a lot. I used it about 3 times indoors before it broke with a Pentex Spot-a-matic II (sp?) and 50mm lens. The second one was a little better, but wobbled. The third was the best I could afford after getting out of college (the SLIK). It weighed a ton and had a crummy head for a cheep video camera. I replaced the head when I had a few bucks. I would still be using it today except I got a bonus at work and purchased (aka blew the bonus) on an Induro CF tripod. Still using the same ball head. The first three tripods might have paid for the fourth - though without the ball head. I gave the slik to a very good friend who has more talent than hobby money. You might look for used tripods. There are some good deals from people like me that learned the hard way.

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