E-P2 -- initial impressions from infrequent poster

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E-P2 -- initial impressions from infrequent poster


I've been an e510 user for a while (and 330 and E-1 user before that) and just decided to buy in to the E-P2 sight unseen.

Initial impressions, mostly quite subjective -- your millage may vary.

  • EVF -- doesn't look nearly so large on the camera in person as it does in the pictures. Think I've heard others comment on this but I was surprised nevertheless. Looks nice on the camera, not too obtrusive.

  • EVF & LCD in use -- I'm probably initially disappointed in the EVF and impressed by the LCD in roughly similar measures. Thought for sure I'd love the EVF but... well, so far, I'm not sure. I use old manual focus lenses quite a bit and thought the EVF was going to be a must but my first day's use suggests the LCD would have been more doable than I thought (e.g., on the much less expensive E-P1) while the EVF isn't the wonder I hoped it was going to be. It'll take some practice to get good at getting focus correct with the EVF without magnification (when using large apertures on legacy lenses). Don't get me wrong the EVF is good but I guess I'd say don't expect miracles, be ready to have to look close, to work at manual focus if that's your thing and for it to be readily apparent that you're looking at pixels.

  • Pana 20 1.7 -- bought it and as with everyone else -- love it so far. Going to be a favorite. With this lens the camera is a hands-down winner over my LX3 for compact & high quality. Would really love an autofocus 40 1.4!

  • Menus and ease of use -- odder than I was expecting given my relatively long experience with Olympus DSLRs. Lots of new bells and whistles and, well, they're clogging up my experience and getting in the way. I want face detection sometimes but not generally, but it seems buried and keeping it on brings annoying squares up into the frame constantly. Haven't yet learned a quick way to consistently get in to change the manual focal length for IBIS so that's much more of a hassle so far than on the 510.

  • Ergonomics -- will take some getting used to. I like the relatively small size. But the camera isn't tiny, it's still got some heft to it so extended play today left my hand feeling surprisingly cramped. Will love the compact size for lots of occasions but will probably miss (and go back to) the DSLR format for really heavy use days.

  • Battery life -- with about 10 very short movies and a bunch of reviewing on the LCD I hit a low battery warning at around 250 shots today. Don't know if that will be typical but have a spare ready regardless.

  • Image quality -- excellent. A real step up from my LX3 and certainly at least some high ISO improvement over the e510. Don't have anything systematic or technical to say here except that it's certainly everything I expected it to be, no disappointment where it counts.



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