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Re: I'm sick and tired of "Highly Recommended Just"

oldschool wrote:

Actually I'm going to take this another way.....
I am sick and tired of reviewers who can't just say what they mean.

Clearly the reviewer didn't think the camera deserved the HR badge, but someone in the advertising Dep. had more pull. From the review I would say I find the camera appealing, and if I was in the market for a "full size" point and shoot I would seriously consider it. But that's not the point. Doing the amount of work necessary to produce a review like this is considerable. Giving a "HR Just" is I think the equivalent of kissing your sister..... it's a let down. (ok actually I'm an only child, but so I've been told).

What the re-viewer wanted to say I think, is that it's a tiny sensor in a big body, and we're past that now. The camera should in fact be "Recommended" That's not an insult. To get the HR moniker it needs to break new ground, or exceed other current cameras in it's category.

it exceeds almost every other camera in its class save one (or is it two) the panny lx3 and it traded bows with that camera . Geez how good does it have to be? if its already tied for best in class. I think the rating reflects this reality. The gf1 is not a small sensor point and shoot and therefor not competing in the same class. the Canon and panasonica ( as well as the Leica version) are.
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