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Re: I'm sick and tired of "Highly Recommended Just"

jaydubbs15 wrote:

I just did a little math and here's an illustration of what my point is:

If you average the GF1's ratings for the subcategories you end up with a raw score of approximately 8.416 and if you do the same with the G11 you end up with a raw score of 8.571. However, the GF1's lower average rating gets a "Highly Recommended" and the G11's higher rating gets a "Highly Recommended (just.)"

Now granted the G11 benefits from a 9.0 rating from the "Optics" category that the GF1 wasn't rated on, but even if that category were eliminated from the calculations the G11 would end up with an average raw score of 8.5, which is still higher than the GF1's.

My point is that the labels whatever they are should be consistent across the board. Perhaps "Highly Recommended," "Highly Recommended (just)," "Recommended," etc. should be given numerical ranges. And the numerical ratings in the subcategories should reflect relative strength when compared to peer cameras as well.

But do all categories carry the same weight? I mean if both cameras are relatively equal or even if one is higher rated but more expensive so it's "value" rating is a point lower should it still be rated higher than the one rated to be a better value?

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