Highly Recommended (Just)??!!

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My take

There's a thread called 'Grede Inflation' which covers this. I think it's in Open. Anyway, as a person who was a product evaluator for non photo equipment, I'm used to the charge that my pub's evals were influenced by advertisers. Mine weren't and I'm sure DPR's aren't either. The accusation always stems from favorable reviews, but think on it.

An unfavorable review of Product X means more sales for Product Y so why do you guys only think that favorable reviews are biased? Unfavorable ones have more influence than favorable ones.

Here I think the error in DPR is that the 'Recommended' label still exists in a time when no new camera or lens is junk. When DPR started, there WAS junk out there but not today. I doubt there is ANY product reviewed by DPR in the past few years which would limit my photography so, at least for me, they are ALL recommended (at least).

IMO, it's time DPR dropped the 'recommended' or 'highly' or 'just' labels. Let the test speak for itself.

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