D Lux 4 Firmware update - Focusing Problem- Indoor/lowlight

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D Lux 4 Firmware update - Focusing Problem- Indoor/lowlight

Focusing Problem Since Firmware Update

I have owned a 'D lux 4' for nearly a year now and consider myself relatively confident with the way it operates. Up until now, I have had no focusing problems - with the camera producing excellent results. I take a lot of photos (inside the house) both with and without the internal flash.

This has been the first time I have used the camera inside since the firmware update and now I am struggling to get the camera to focus in low light (inside)conditions. This is both with static and slow moving subjects, i.e my children.

The autofocus assist lamp seems to work fine.

I normally use the '1-area high speed' focus option in the menu.

With this option, you normally get (in good bright indoor conditions) the small green rectangle defining your chosen focus area, but all I get now is the large green focus rectangle. If I do manage to get the small green focus rectangle then everything is fine. But 99% of the time I get large rectangle and I can't define my chosen focus point. Therefore, my subject is out of focus.

The focus does not hunt by the way, in fact it locks quickly.

I have never had this problem before.

I took the camera outside and its focusing (small green focus rectangle) superbly with the camera functioning as I expect.

Unless I'm doing something very stupid or I have forgotten something, could this be a problem created by the firmware update? Autofocus is working perfectly outside but for me, the inside/low loight performance of the camera has become awful !!!!!
Can I turn the update back to check ? Does anyone else have the same problem?

Help/advice would be very much appreciated.


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