7D exposure 2 stops overexposed...?

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Re: 7D exposure 2 stops overexposed...?

Many thanks again

apersson850 wrote:

The setting for metering mode (partial in this case) still applies to the camera's metering of ambient light. The metering of the pre-flash is set separately. Exactly how depends upon which camera you use. The newer cameras have a separate flash control menu for these things.

Using a 7D ( ) - I would expect the metering of the ambient light not to be a big factor, if the flash needs to illuminate, so that the target is ideally exposed? Apologies, if I'm completely of track here - the internal workings of flash/camera metering is a rather new topic for myself, and seem to have a little trouble getting my head around the concept

If I'd wan't the best ambient background lighting, with a normal exposed front subject, I'd should prefer average metering then?

It does pre-flash in E-TTL. You can easily see it if you select 2nd curtain sync and a shutter speed of 1/2 second or longer.

Just tried this - and I do see the pre-flash with 2nd curtain sync selected. I can even make out the preflash with 1/8th of a second or less... must really be incredibly fast in 1st curtain sync, as I can't see a preflash at any speed

The lower internal resistance of the rechargeable batteries usually give faster recharge time. The internal DC/DC converter compensates for the voltage difference.

Haven't noticed slower recharging yet - then again, I rarely need to flash mutiple times in series, and I do use a 430EXII (which I believe recharges faster than the 580 since it needs less power). I did get rid of the overexposure by switching battery types though (a fresh set of rechargeables would do the trick as well, probably - at least for a time), and the technician did mention explicitly that variation in exposure is one of the symptoms using rechargeables - but I'm recounting second hand here... just happy it worked

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