When will Canon focus on IQ instead of MP!?

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Re: When Sony does...

GeorgeML wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

There is no such thing as even light. Light is like vibrating raindrops of individual photons .


That's why smaller pixels are more prone to photon-counting errors (aka noise) than larger ones.

They're not really errors. They are only "errors" in the delusion of an ideal. They are exactly what is REALLY falling on the sensor. It is not something that the pixels do, per se.

Your "prone" couldn't be more wrong. The only difference as far as shot noise is concerned, for two sensors varying only in photosite density, is resolution. Lower density obfuscates the original location of photon strikes more.

Under-standing that, how could one call higher density "noisier" from a standpoint of information acquisition?

Of course it looks noisier, if you magnify it more, and convert it literally. That doesn't mean that it is noisier.

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