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The Summary

Thank you to every participant to this thread and please bear with me a little longer as I would like to sum up my experience from the moment I shouted my frustration in writing almost a week ago.

First, I am pleased to see that there are common grounds between those that share my disappointment for the late reviews and those that don't. We obviously all like the dpreview site for its various qualities offered at no charge to us. This is great for us for having a forum and a real asset for dpreview. However, as resulted from your comments over this past week, the value of dpreview's asset is not a given. It can be maintained, increased, or diminished and I'm certain we would all like the site to at least maintain its quality, its significance, and its positive perception in our eyes, the photographic community.

Those of you who made positive and insightful comments offered solution for improving the site. Only if I would mention here "hiplnsdrftr" or "gaac" who first put out the idea of creating a schedule for the upcoming reviews. And since we know by now that Amazon is not forcing any reviews over others it might be helpful to give an increased voice to the community by allowing us to vote on at least some of the cameras to be reviewed. By doing this, voices like "Mendieta" 's would be heard, as well as the voices of all those that want a full review of the S90, review that we know by now it is not planned to happen.

If dpreview would manage to put out the reviews as fast as other competitors of theirs, they would keep us happy. We would be ecstatic with reviews posted even faster, as close as possible to the release date of the camera.

Finally, given the fact that most of us were mesmerized by the high quality of the reviews found on this site, maintaining the level of quality is paramount. I'm sure we are all ready to wait the 1 or 2 extra days needed to ensure that quality. Even 3 days to satisfy those that are skeptic that 2 would suffice. I hope that dpreview would not be "persuaded" by events like the avalanche of negative comments following the G10 review to become more indulgent towards cult cameras or manufacturers. I would have hated to see the G11 with 16 MP. Like "PuzzleGal" I'm not only looking for purchase or post-purchase confirmation in a review. In addition to her comment, possible shortcomings in a camera I already own and like could make the wish list of a future purchase.

If some of you think that all this is too much to ask, let's don't forget it's budget time. If there are not enough resources to accomplish the requests maybe Amazon might want to get involved.

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