'Nikon Rumors' feeling the heat from Sony.

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'Nikon Rumors' feeling the heat from Sony.

A 'Ritz camera report'. For all of those complaining about the lack of this feature or that feature on the Sony's A2xx and 3xx series cameras, thought you might find this an interesting read. I haven't seen it posted here (sorry if I missed it).

But at least in the mind of 'Nikon Rumors', and more importantly, the consumers, Sony is getting it very right.


"I am going to continue the series of Ritz reports. This time I got the top five best selling DSLR cameras for the month of September (this data is for a whole region that includes multiple states):"
Sony A200
Sony A350
Nikon D80 (yes, not the D90!)
Canon Rebel XSi
Nikon D40

“No joke about Sony though. We don’t even take an A350 out of the box to demo anymore, because they go so fast. Basically Sony had trumped all the other brands feature-wise at the entry and mid-level price points. $499 buys you a 10.2MP, image stabilization, and an 18-70mm lens, while Nikon and Canon stand with less pixels, no stabilization, and 18-55’s. $799 buys you all that plus 14.2MP, Quick AF Live View, and a large fold out screen. The D80 is at that price now but is inferior at every spec, and Canon’s XSi has fewer pixels, no screen articulation, and the slower mirror-lockup type Live View."

Love the comment "We don’t even take an A350 out of the box to demo anymore, because they go so fast."
That's pretty darn good press, folks.
Not to mention the FF switchers on the Pro side. Food for thought.

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