F100fd - choosing the best compromise for DR

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F100fd - choosing the best compromise for DR

There are many ways to set the F100 AUTOISO and DR%, and each one has different compromises, unlike the EXR sensor which can have any ISO with any DR, with a compromise of resolution, the F100 always has the same resolution (12mp) but must compromise elsewhere.

Here is a list of possibilities and their compromise:


Can use up to ISO400 but suffers from shadow noise when it uses ISO400 to achieve DR=400%. I try to avoid this mode.

AUTOISO(400) DR=200%

Limited to less than DR=400% but cannot use DR=100% which can give better contrast.

AUTOISO(400) DR=100%

No DR control, can give good contrast but prone to blowing out sky and other bright objects unless EV=-1/3 is used but then the images lose their brilliance or have to be heavily PP.


Locked on ISO200, so ISO must be manually controlled if in low light, can automatically select DR=100% or DR=200% Good contrast but cannot use DR=400% which is good for controlling shadow noise but limits DR control.

This last setting is one I think I may prefer, and will be trialling it as soon as I get an opportunity.


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