Metering - Horrible underexposure

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Re: Do you EC set? Sample images with EXIF intact.

Is the exposure needle at the center? you may have to turn the big dial to get it to the middle cause the previous owner might have had the Exposure compensated.

To do this you have to turn the cameras viewfinder info on so half press the focus , then turn the big DIAL to the center in the viewfinder.

jhass1 wrote:

So the batteries being out for 1 hour didn't work - the date needed reset but the last settings on camera were retained. It also looks like the camera is setting a "base" reading for each ISO/mode/Speed/Stop combo and THAT DOESN'T CHANGE even moving from high light source (light bulb) to dark corner (this is all inside shooting but the effect was first noticed outside).

Here an example table mode AV metering Eval:

100 (f4.0) 1/1250
400 (f4.0) 1/4000
800 (f4.0) 1/8000

Partial metering slightly slower (1/1000 at ISO 100 f4.0)
Spot - same as Partial
Centre - slightly faster (1/1600 at ISO 100 f4.0)

The reverse (in TV mode) holds true, i.e. when the speed above is selected then f4.0 is the result.

Histograms show a VERY narrow (maybe 2-4%) cluster on left.

So my conclusion is that there is a random default setting selected based on the mode/metering/ISO combo and that the meter sensor is whacked. Any thoughts?

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