Experiment #2 - What do you SEE?

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Experiment #2 - What do you SEE?

In this experiment I invite you to view a sequence of six jpg files that include different versions of the same original photograph.

  1. All six images seen at the link began as the same original source file - a RAW file from a high quality full frame camera.

  2. Three versions of this file were created, with each altered in a particular way I won't yet reveal in advance - let's call them versions #1, #2, and #3.

  3. Each of the three versions was then duplicated - in other words two identical copies of version #1 were created, two identical copies of version #2 were created, and two identical copies of version #3 were created.

  4. The six files were randomly assigned slightly different file names so that in the end we have File A, File B, File C, File D, File E, and File F.

  5. The six images were then sequenced into a "slide show" version that automatically switches between them, but which also allows the viewer to select them individually.

The Experiment

After you view the linked files in your web browser as presented at the linked page I would like you to consider three questions:

  1. By viewing the files in your web browser as presented here are you able to perceive any visual differences between the files?

  2. If you do perceive differences among them, to what would you attribute the visual difference?

  3. By viewing them in your web browser as presented, can you identify the pairs of identical images?

Click on this link to view the sequence of six presentations of the photograph :

(The sequence should open in a new window/tab when you click the link. Return here to report your results by adding a comment to this post. Alternatively, you can also see the experiment and post about it at my blog: http://www.gdanmitchell.com/2009/12/14/experiment-2-what-do-you-see )

Caveats and Warnings

  1. I do not make any claims that this is a scientifically constructed experiment - let's call it an informal investigation of a potentially interesting question.

  2. If you view the comments of other participants before offering your own response you may be influenced by what they write. Therefore in the spirit of the experiment you should decide on your results before posting your response and before viewing the comment page - and resist the temptation to change your results after reading what others say.

  3. The whole point of this exercise is to consider what you see when you look at these image in your web browser. If you want to participate, please limit your consideration of the images to viewing them in your browser on the linked page.

  4. Feel free to look at the images as many times as you want or to switch among them manually. (You might want to mention the extent of your careful viewing in your comment.)

  5. I'll stipulate that if you download the files and carefully investigate them that you will possibly find differences whether you can see them or not. But don't - this isn't the point here. If you can't resist doing this please keep your discoveries to yourself until the end. I'll also point out that I could do things in the files that might mislead you...

  6. You are welcome to hold positive or negative opinions about the aesthetic quality of the photograph, but please keep those out of your response to this experiment.

  7. I am not saying in advance what the difference are nor am I making any assumptions ahead of time about what the results will be. It is best if you do the same and keep an open mind.

  8. I plan to reveal everything about the experiment in a day or two.


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