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Blink - Try FV Lock

jboschan wrote:

I used a piece of paper to diffuse the pop-up flash because I don't have an external and I always blink.

I didn't see anyone else comment on this point.

An external flash, especially if it is mounted in the hot shoe, may not entirely solve your problem.

Due to the way the TTL flash metering works, the flash fires twice for every shot you take. The first flash occurs before the mirror flips up and the shutter opens in order to determine how much power the flash will require for the actual exposure. Then, after the mirror flips up and the shutter opens, the flash fires again. Most times the two flashes occur very close together in time.

Some people blink in response to the first flash and their eyes are closed by the time the flash fires the second time. My daughter is a good example. Her eyes were closed, at least partially, in every flash photo I took of her. That is, until I learned about Flash Value Lock.

Flash Value Lock allows you to trigger the pre-flash ahead of time. The camera determines the flash power required and remembers it for subsequent photos. The camera is then able to take subsequent photos without firing the pre-flash. Using Flash Value Lock can improve you chances of getting a shot with your eyes open.


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