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Custom camera profile when bouncing off beige walls

jim wrote:

I cannot use the walls because they are colored, but the ceiling is white.

The image in your OP shows beige walls. You may be able to use a custom camera profile to counteract the beige tint. The houses where I shoot for family get-togethers all have beige ceilings (and beige walls). Bouncing flash off beige caused enough color cast headaches that I abandoned bouncing.

However, I've been recently experimenting with an X-Rite ColorChecker Passport camera profiling system, to solve this exact problem. I haven't done enough tests yet to determine if the custom profiles completely solve the color cast problem, but it looks like it solves it enough that I will be able to now use bounced camera flash when shooting in these houses. The color correction is good enough for snapshots and the overall lighting is much better than what I get with non-bounced on-camera flash.

Luminous Landscape review of ColorChecker Passport

Just thought that I'd throw this out. It might give you another option.


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