Canon EF-S IS 18-55 AND 55-250 compared to just the EF-S IS 18-200

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Canon 18-200 vs 18-55 vs 55-250 side by side

18-200mm superzoom is very attractive to any dslr newbie. It is a great way to start your DSLR journey without the fuss of lens swapping. The only negative that I can see is spending $600 on "just a lens" is an expense that many dslr-newbie find it hard to swallow. If you can afford it, I would go for it as my 1st lens.

  • No lens changing for DSLR newbie

  • Newbie aren't going to notice the sharpness differences

  • (-) negative is the relative high cost around $600 usd

The 18-55mm IS + 55-250mm IS combo will outlast Canon 18-200mm superzoom in both usefulness + in image quality. Generally speaking, as you progress in photography, you will grow tired of soft images and suddenly become rather picky about superior image quality. In this regard:

  • (-) inconvenience of lens changing

  • (+) very sharp landscape lens @18mm, Good enough to compete against $1000 Canon 17-55 f/2.8 IS USM

  • (+) very sharp 55-250mm IS zoom, good enough to compete against $1000 Canon 70-200 F4 IS USM L


You have to ask yourself, just how much is the convenience worth to me? Everyone's answer is different, there are no right or wrong choice. Take a look here:

Canon 18-200 IS (LEFT) vs Canon 18-55 IS (RIGHT) @18mm f/3.5

I doubt you're notice much difference in the "real world", but nonetheless, there are differences. Best of Luck

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