Epson waste ink pads, reset utlity, useful life

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Epson waste ink pads, reset utlity, useful life

I have an Epson four year old R2400 that has been regularly used. Yesterday, after changing a cartridge, it stopped working. A call to Epson (on Saturday) diagnosed the problem as likely being related to the ink pads reaching the end of their useful life. The options were:

1. buy a new printer
2. service the printer
3. attempt to fix it yourself

Of course I opted for #3. Epson offers some advice at: (IPR = ink pad reset)

I downloaded the utility and was able to get my printer working again.

I examined the pads, and the pads on the left side (standing in front of the printer) were saturated and overflowing. I blotted these up with some tissue. The pads directly under the print head when it is at rest looked fine.

My understanding is that the ink pads are used for nozzle checks and for borderless printing. I haven't had to perform many nozzle checks (other than those automatically performed when changing cartridges) and perhaps 20% of my prints are borderless.

The Epson support tech suggested I search the web for DIY instructions. I ran across this utility which allows you to access printer information:

Running the utility gave me some sense of the "mileage" on the printer, something called "ink shots" which are reported by cartridge. Five of my cartridges reported between 11K - 14K ink shots. The lowest was 5.3K.

The waste ink capacity is measured by something called the protection counter. After running the Epson reset utility, this was reported having a current value of 10,383 and a max value of 17,772.

I'd like to continue to use my printer. Should I replace the ink pads and if so where can I get new ones? Or should I install a waste ink system like the one Ink Republic sells? Or is it time to upgrade (I've been eyeing the 3880)?


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