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Re: Care to substantiate, Simeon...

Pete Y wrote:

Are the average persons who read your review and not this post supposed to know the subtle difference between the scores and the badge and the minimal difference between 'R' and 'HR'?

Good question.

Simon Joinson wrote:

Well part of the reason that I didn't respond immediately was that your post was at 5.30am and I had taken a break from my forum watching to nap for a couple of minutes. The other reason is that I've already answered this several times. The numbers are an attempt at assigning an absolute (well, relative) score to the various aspects of a camera, whilst the 'badge' is our opinion of it. The difference between an 'R' and a 'HR' is actually pretty minimal - you can take one as a wholehearted recommendation, the other as a slightly cautious one. We don't sweat on that little badge at the end anywhere as much as you do.
Simon Joinson, dpreview.com

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