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Re: gah

Pete Y wrote:

Isn't subjectivity the opposite of objectivity? Is it that the 'cunning plan' of dp is to maintain a high level of objectivity throughout the review except the final verdict? I don't get it.

Barney Britton wrote:

gillbod wrote:

what would the point of a verdict be if it was a simple case of adding up the numbers and putting the score together?

it was a subjective recommendation. that's all there is to it.

Exactly. What he said. There is no perfect way of scoring/rating cameras, which is why we came up with the cunning plan of putting multi-page tests with a large number of studio and real-world samples before the final page.

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Technical Writer

Facts only = technical report
Facts + opinion = review

We use the objective section of the review to support our subjective opinion of the camera.

It also allows people who don't want us to give our opinion to simply ignore the last section, read the technical report and make their own minds up (ironically it is usually those who disagree with us having any opinion who are the ones most strongly voicing theirs).
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