EP-1 Manual IS focal length dial-in question

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Re: EP-1 Manual IS focal length dial-in question

rurouni wrote:

Just wondering, if I stick a zoom (say the Oly 14-54 Mk2) on it, do you still need to dial in a manual focal length or is it taken care of since its the same brand?

For FT and mFT lenses, the IS system knows the focal length and sets itself.

And if I adapt say a Nikkor 28-70 using a F-m43 adapter would it be better to set the IS focal length to be 70mm?

For adapted lenses, best results happen when you set the IS for the focal length you're using. Adapted zoom lenses mean re-setting the IS as you change focal lengths. I had some experience with this on a Pentax K10D ... using one setting for the whole range produced blurry results in some situations, to the point where I simply turned off IS entirely and ultimately stopped using adapted manual zoom lenses.

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