Just curious how often do you upgrade bodies

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Re: Just curious how often do you upgrade bodies
  • Fuji F31 compact camera in the Spring of 2007 (first digicam. I still own it and used it to take the shot below)

  • Nikon D40 in November 2007. (there's a lot to be said for lightweight uncomplicated cameras that you get to know so well you can change the settings without looking!)

  • a really old Cosina all-manual film SLR I bought for a few quid to play with - see photo below!

That's it as far as cameras goes, but just don't ask about lenses as that's another story entirely as I've bought quite a few of them!

http://ianbramham.aminus3.com/ (Photoblog)

The 'small' and uncomplicated D40 next to my Cosina all-metal all-manual film SLR - it makes the D40 look like as big and complicated as a D3 doesn't it!

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