Why SONY camera and lens so expensive in Australia?

Started Nov 19, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Sony Dist are doing themselves a disfavour.

STraj wrote:

I realise the consequence of my actions, however I simply cannot afford to pay DOUBLE the price for the lenses I want/need. I'm sure Sony AUS would be hurt much worse financially (ie: for the lack of potential future sales to people like me) if I sold all of my gear and jumped over to Canon or Nikon (which was my alternative plan to buying high-end lenses from the US).

25% additional cost would be bearable - 100% extra is just unfair.

Yep ... I'm saving over $4500 on 3 lenses by NOT buying them in Australia ... if the difference was $500 or even $1000 over 3 lenses ... I would certainly buy them locally. But that $ difference is something I can't absorb.

But 100% markup (the monopolist distr fault) is "taking the pi$$" . If you want decently priced quality glass (e.g. Canon L series) forget $ony.


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