Questions about the Fujifilm Finepix J-Series

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Questions about the Fujifilm Finepix J-Series

My apologies if this should be in the beginner thread... Since this Fuji-specific, I thought it might be best for this thread.

I need a camera for less than $100. This camera is just for goofy snapshots, like Facebook pictures or a picture of a couch to sell on Craigslist, etc. Money is tight and I really cannot spend any more money. I'd try to get one for about $50 if I could, but it seems like digi cameras in that range are just complete crap and won't take pictures you can use for anything.

I've decided to maybe go with a Fujifilm Finepix J-series because they seem to meet these requirements:

Small and lightweight
No AA batteries required (I hate them)
Can take decent pictures in low light situations
Not too much shutter lag
Just under $100 on Amazon

My problem is deciding whether I should get the J10, J20, J28 or J38. I imagine these are all just updates/newer versions of the same camera, but newer doesn't necessarily mean better. Sometimes people are happier with the older models of some cameras. Are there really any significant differences at all between the models? Should I just go with the newest one (the J38)?

I would just buy the cheapest one, but they are all the same price, give or take a few dollars!

I appreciate any insight on what would be the best value for my limited money.

Thanks in advance!

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