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Re: Thinking of switching to Sony?

I don't know what he is thinking of but the view through the viewfinder on my Sony a850 is at least as big as it was through my Nikon FTN and Canon both manual focus, manual exposure. There are features that some may miss, but I do not. I grew up with medium format Kodak cameras and later used a view camera so the automation and features of the Sony are quite enough for me. I also don't miss the video available on some cameras at all, I could buy a HD camcorder if I needed it, but I don't. As for noise, noise was apparent in contact prints back when I was growing up. The noise at high ISOs with the Sony doesn't concern me much. I realize that if I was a photojournalist I would need lower noise at high ISOs. I never shot anything faster than ISO 100 with my old Graphlex 4x5 even when handheld and certainly never did with my Calumet view camera. I find ISO 800 very good with the Sony unless I start pixel peeping and even then the application of a little denoising on the color is sufficient to get rid of it. Just don't shoot JPEGs, convert to it when posting on the web.

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