Fujifilm S5 with Kenko PRO 300 AF 3x Teleconverter, any thoughts?

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Fujifilm S5 with Kenko PRO 300 AF 3x Teleconverter, any thoughts?

Hello peeps. Season greetings to y'all.

Sorry not been around my favourite forum for a while, although I have done some occasional lurking.

I wasn't aware a 3X teleconverter existed but just saw the Kenko PRO 300 AF 3x Teleconverter: http://www.warehouseexpress.com/buy-kenko-teleplus-pro-300-dg-3x-nikon-af-teleconverter/p1011653

Of course there are other cheaper sources for this product so I'm not promoting this supplier.

Will this be so dark with my Nikon 70-300 that it may not AF? Or would it be unusable due to low light and the slow shutters speeds consequently required combined with extreme telephoto issues such as camera shake, even on a tripod?

Obviously I could up the ISO a bit but this ultimately also has compromises.

Would the viewfinder image be too dark to see or manual focus if required?

Would Kenko optical quality be up to an acceptable standard or be a disappointment, especially at 3X?

Anybody got relevant experience with the Fujifilm S* and a 2 or 3X teleconvertor of any brand or the Kenko specifically?

Clearly I cannot expect pristine studio quality images in terms of distortion and perhaps aberrations, colour truth, vignetting, etc. but how bad would it be?

Typical subject matter is going to be birds or other hard to reach wildlife that the other choices would be an extremely expensive telephoto/zoom or indeed a telescope with camera attachment, also costly and with poor photo image quality.

Any relevant experienced based comments would be appreciated. I have googled and seen some opinions and better deals but opinions are just that, personal experience is worth something more, although I do understand we all have different aspirations and standards..

Thanks in anticipation.

Norman Young

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