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Hansa Yindee wrote:

.. I like to shoot outside on the North side of a building in the shade..

Center spot focus, iso 200, white balance set on shade with NO flash.

When inside I use the natural light from a window and maybe a small light to help out if possible.
Bryan Peterson has some books out that might help you in this area.

I try to keep the shot uncluttered but with small spots of color in the back ground unless lots
of color is desired. In that case fill it up with color.

Look as natural as possible not stiff like a card board poster and shoot for the eyes.
Jon in Thailand

Thanks, I will see if I can implement some of your suggestions tomorrow and see how it goes. I've got nothing to do for most of the day tomorrow, so my plan is just to try lots of self-portraits and see what I can do. I will also look into the Brian Peterson books as you suggested, although probably not before I try some things tomorrow.

D40, 18-55mm, 55-200mm VR, D40, 18-55mm, 55-200mm VR, Sunpak premium plus 5800d tripod, vivitar 2000 flash.

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