Poll: Should DPR do away with the recommendation comments?

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Re: Poll: Should DPR do away with the recommendation comments?

There are essentially two completely different ways to look at the review of the Sony Alpha 550. The glass half full view is the review itself, and the glass half empty view the final verdict……..

My opinion is that the review is fair although not always consistent. Looking at recent reviews of other SLR’s over the last year there are at least 3 reviews which had a lower score on the ratings for quality, features, performance, value than the A550, but having all HR! Again, I think the review is fair, but leaving out an explanation on the final verdict is doing more harm than good. Having HR or R only is too vague anyway. An alternative would be to provide a rating on particular characteristics with a weighing factor as done in many evaluations.

Happy owner of A550

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