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rock son wrote:

I am interested in tracking down the following shops, so any current or recent info on these approciated:

Fujiya Camera

Kawamasu Camera

Nitto Camera

Shimizu Shokai

I got these shop names and address and other details from this same thread, but that thread has not been updated for a while. I am interested in any other major second hand shops that will have good selection of Nikon and Canon lenses.

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OK..I can only assist you regarding FUJICA CAMERA in NAKANO..... Take either the YELLOW JR train that runs East - West to NAKANO... NAKANO is about 15 minutes or less from SHINJUKU station. Plenty of trains running . ( You can also take the ORANGE train that goes from TOKYO STATION .

When you get to NAKANO , get off, go down stairs, and take the RIGHT EXIT from the station. There is one of those long Japanese shpping malls there. Do not go into the mall, but, when you get to the entrance of the mall, turn right, go, 50 meters, then turn left, and then walk another 50 meters. You arrive at a small lane way. Turn right, walks 50 meters, and on your left, is FUJICA CAMERA.

The NIKON cameras are one floor up the stairs. They have new NIKON gear there, as well as 2nd hand stuff. I bought my 70-200mm AF-S lens there in February, 2008. ( New ) . They had 4 on the shelf at the time.

I used to live in Ogikubo, which is 3 train stops further on.
At the time, YODOBASHI CAMERA MAIN WEST store was my regular weekend hangout..
Regards Peter

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