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It all comes down to purpose. There are millions of styles of portrait, so what are you trying to achieve? Some people will like what you have already, though I suspect most will want something which says more about you.

You could do with researching a few portrait photographers to see what that leads you. My personal fave is Jane Bown who works exclusively with available light (other than when she doesn't) and so sniffs out a location to see where the light is best. This usually tends to be by a window. If the light is not good, then as a backup she takes a table lamp along to a shoot with a 150W bulb in it - note that she did use fast lenses, and typically shot at f2.8. Her work is outstanding, well worth researching. Oh, she's also black and white only. Note the spelling of her name or google will take you nowhere, not Brown, but Bown.

There are lots of other greats out there, Karsch, Newton, Arnold Newman - and Bill Brandt also took great portraits, though will be too extreme for some people. But many many others worth looking at.

See what you like, then decide what you like about it - then start working out how to get there or ask questions of people who may be able to lead the way.

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