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Please excuse my bluntness, I don't mean to come across as rude but simply to give you as directly as possible my experience.

The poses are flat, rather like a nice driver's license photo. They are unimaginative which makes them uninteresting. Look for a good book on portraits and how to pose subjects. Keep in mind that cameras tend to add weight to a subject so you want to minimize that effect.

The background offers little contrast to your skin. It does not allow the subject to pop, rather you tend to blend into the wall.

White balance can be set during a shoot but I prefer to shoot in RAW and adjust the white balance in post processing. I am careful to evaluate the kind of light falling on my subject, so I will make in-camera WB changes if I am shooting under fluorescents or incandescents or some other non-natural strong lighting source.

The key to portraits (not self-portraits) is rapport with your subject. It is up to you to discover what is right/wrong with their face, what to de-emphasize (large nose, weak chin, etc), develop a rapport so the subject responds positively to you and to make sure the light is doing what you want it to. It helps to have a sort of script of what you want to try so that you are not staring at a person wondering how to get started.

I hope you did not take any offense to my thoughts. I think you are off to a good start and by asking, you will learn.

jboschan wrote:

winparkman wrote:

Poses, background, white balance...

Could you possibly elaborate on how these could be improved, please? I don't doubt that you are correct that these areas could be improved, but just listing them does not help me visualize how I might go about it. Poses, I am starting to have more ideas about as I've been chewing on it, but I am not sure what I should think about for the other two. Preset WB maybe? Thanks for any further clarification!

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OK, not so purely a hobby.

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