50-200 or 55-300 ?

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Dave Martin Senior Member • Posts: 2,160
Re: 50-200 or 55-300? - test results

Coastertim wrote:

Which one is sharper and brighter at the long end?

Photozone.de tests say that fully zoomed & wide open the 300 is 1769 lpph and the 250 is 1778 lpph; but the 250 would have to be enlarged so taking that into account, it would have to have a resolution of 2123 lpph to equate; therefore at the same contrast level and same image size the 300 is about 20% sharper.

Also, the 300 is f:5.8 and the 250 is f:6.3 - since shutter speed varies with the square of f-stop, the 300 is 18% faster.

Dave in Iowa

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