Is the S5 Fuji's last SLR camera/

Started Dec 7, 2009 | Discussions thread
BigPixel Veteran Member • Posts: 3,371
Talk about misinformation!

Fuji is no longer manufacturing or selling the Fuji S5. Fuji is in the process of stepping away from servicing the S5 (research: replacement batteries. They are no longer offering one), they are limiting S3 support and the S2 is no longer supported on any level. There is no DSLR in the Fuji lineup at present with no suggestion that there might be another.

My friend, it is not I who is wild-eyed here, it is Fujinistas such as yourself holding onto a pipe dream.

btw, I own the S2, S3 and S5. I'm not a troll.
BigPixel / Hawaii

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