G10 vs. G11 at low ISO

Started Oct 20, 2009 | Discussions thread
bill hansen Veteran Member • Posts: 8,819
I was talking about.....

.....the jaggy edge around the fountain that some folks saw. I think the changes in size and resolution during processing and posting were the cause, not the camera itself.

OTOH - I really was surprised that I didn't see more of a difference, because you're quite right - all the postings and reviews have indicated that the G11 has less image noise at ISO 800 and 1600.

To be honest, I'm impressed with all the positive comments people make about the G11, but I'm not fully conviced of just how much superior it is, because I've never seen unedited RAW files at ISO 800 where the G11 image was upsized to match the image size of the G10. That would be the real test. Downsizing a G10 file would be "cheating" because we all know that would make image noise less obvious.

And other than image noise, what are people talking about when they say image quality of the G11 is superior? Is it acutance? sharpness? color? contrast? If those parameters are spelled out, I have somehow missed seeing them.


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