Thom Hogan addresses the 70-200 VRII non-issue briefly.

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Re: I am tired of the misleading information

Thom Hogan wrote:

The thing is, the magnification and MFD spec changes should have keyed those that are sensitive to focal length changes to understand that the new lens would be losing focal length.

It would have been nice if Nikon didn't change the way they label maximum magnification of the lens at their USA website. I just checked and the old lens is labeled 1/6.1 (which is a number I readily understand as it relates to how micro lenses are labeled), while the new lens is labeled 0.12 (I had to do the math to figure out that that meant 1/8.33, or about 25% less than the old lens).

Nonetheless, this new lens looks like it will be my next Nikkor. I'll probably buy one in 2012 since I will be spending all my photographic gear budget on Sony lenses until at least then. One thing I have found aggravating about the old 70-200 when I use it on my D300 as a portrait lens is that the MFD was too far to get useful framing at 70mm and by the time I was far enough back I was zooming past 105mm for relatively tight headshots.
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