New dad seeking advice on lenses.

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Re: New dad seeking advice on lenses.


I just like to warn you...

If you use a 50mm at F1.4 and you kid is 1meter away the Depth of field is 0.02 meter. Yes 2 cm this is a very small band.

If you kid walks or running around and you shout 50mm at F1.4 on 2meter the band is 8 cm still very small for a running kid. You going to put the maximum out off your AF system.

I know low F numbers are not going to help you to make great pictures off a kid in low light. Or you like all the pictures half sharp face or boddy and so on....

I had the same problems with mine 2.8 28-75 Tamron even on a not moving kid

on 75 F2.8 by 1meter is 2cm very small even focus on 45 angle 1 eye is sharp the other is not.

So I think F1.4 is not going to help you mutch for lowlight then you need flash-light. Just get a 430 canon it never let you down.....

a online depth of Field can be found at


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