New dad seeking advice on lenses.

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Re: New dad seeking advice on lenses.

First off, good choice in getting a DSLR, and the T1i seems an excellent choice!

Second, with the new High ISO performance, f/2.8 is all you need for most indoor shots at 1600 iso.

the lens that I have used and loved for several years with my young daugher (now 5 years old) is the Tamron 17-50 f/2.8.

I don't think you will like the size or slow aperture of the 17-85, and for similar cost you can get a f/2.8 constant aperture lens that will better suit your indoor needs.

I would strongly sugest one of the constant f/2.8 wide to medium zooms (something like 17-50 or 18-50). there are several options, some with IS, (options from Canon, Tamron, Sigma). I don't think there is a bad option there... they all have excellent IQ.

as for the prime, once you have the constant f/2.8... it becomes less important, although still has some advantages in the shalow DOF options. The 50 is a good portriat lens, but as other have said, a bit tight indoors (which means the 85 f/1.8 is even longer, and only works if you have lots of room) I have the "thrifty fifty" 50 f/1.8, which actualy works really well, and the price is right! but in reality, the Tamron usualy stays on the camera. the Sigma 30 f/1.4 or Canon 28 f/1.8 are both more "normal" length for general use, and easier to use inside in smaller spaces.

Good luck! Have fun!


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