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Re: PS Elements .....?

This is my personal opinion.

I have only bad feelings about PS, and I have been using it for years, since version 3 or 4 came out, up until my current version 7. Just way too many (useless) tools. I only like its "digital asset management" (DAM) feature where you can make convenient identifiers to your photos, according to specific catagories that you define. However, PS works extremely slow on my very decent computer.

I think its a crime that PS comes bundled with so many DSLRs, because it is not easy to use, beyond the very basics. PS gets too many photographers stuck in a rut with being lost with complicated image procesing software. Google's free Picasa 3 is much better in this regard. Lghtroom is much better.

PS is great if you want to start spending your time on the computer and stop being a photographer, as PS invites just way too much time to learn and use so many tool features. You will also need to buy one or more 'how to" instructional books just to learn the basics.

I much prefer Phase One's "Capture One 5" as my preferred RAW and JPEG editing software. Works much faster, images look a lot better, and you can almost teach yourself how to use this intuitive program without reading any instructions.
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