ZS3/TZ7 underexposing in indoor flash?

Started Sep 7, 2009 | Discussions thread
RayHff Regular Member • Posts: 352
Regarding the Metz 28

Slave flash set ups work. The Metz 28 is a good one.


The 28 works well if you photographing a stationary object, and have time to retake the shot if it does not come out right. Consistant results are hard to achieve because there is no communication between the camera and the flash. Retakes are frequent.

On the other hand, if you're looking for flash to use at parties where people are moving or take pictures of kids running around in the house, there's no time to set up or do retakes.

You'd be better served by another camera such as a Canon G11 which has a hot shoe with 270EX external flash. With the thru the lens metering, you readily get plenty of light and consistently good shots--even when folks are moving around.

After much pining and many trials, I gave up on the TZ indoors and just use it as an outdoor/travel camera and I use the the G11 indoors.

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