GF1 beats my DSLR! (just...)

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Re: GF1 - fits in your cr@ck! - correct title :)

chekist wrote:

I think once you start discussing which camera are easier to smuggle to jail pass the guards, you left majority of the photographers behind.

I agree. When it comes to some concerts and museums, smaller camera sometimes can get in when larger one does not. But I think there is plenty of specialty uses and once we start listing them all you will find some 100s of best cameras for the job. And I think this is understood by everyone by default.

Agreed, but sometimes the m4/3 board gives one the impression that small and inconspicuous (not necessarily for ease of carrying, but for attracting less attention) are the most important traits a camera can have. I personally disagree when it comes to most of the photography I do, and a lot of the photography other people do. Most of the time I really don't care whether anyone notices me or what they think... I'm going to use the best camera gear I've got for the shot regardless of the impression. That said I do acknowledge that there are times when it helps to go unnoticed. And while a GF1 does beat a DSLR in that respect, there are even smaller, quieter, and less noticeable cameras out there. I don't think it would meet James Bond's standards for shooting inconspicuously...

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